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by kiwi
March 20, 2020 20:21:44
Forum: Game Bugs and Glitches
Topic: chyio bug fix when??
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Re: chyio bug fix when??

True, it fucking sucks, is almost useless
by kiwi
March 19, 2020 19:45:00
Forum: Custom-Made Characters
Topic: Deva Path Pein Facepics
Replies: 5
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Re: Deva Path Pein Facepics

Nice, I love the old Deva pic which is the fourth in your pics, don't understand why they changed to the current ugly and shitty facepic. The third one is also nice. Also when i say ugly im referring to the angles, not the graphics.
by kiwi
March 14, 2020 15:06:17
Forum: Game Feedback
Topic: Old account
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Re: Old account

I also got this problem. In my opinion it's not ok to grind so much time for missions and unable to recliam your old acc back Cmon is a new website, can't you understand the work of searching for every old account and giving it's characters back? Not a chance... be grateful we have it back. On the ...
by kiwi
March 11, 2020 16:02:23
Forum: Custom-Made Characters
Topic: Konan (Fight vs Tobi)
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Re: Konan (Fight vs Tobi)

oilcandy wrote:
October 6, 2019 1:43:54
I really like the concept, perhaps add more cooldown to Air Support to balance it out a bit.
Thanks, agree
by kiwi
March 11, 2020 15:56:58
Forum: Balance Discussion
Topic: Deidara (S) needs rework?
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Re: Deidara (S) needs rework?

March 11, 2020 15:52:36
Deidara is currently under rework as of the official contest... If you want to contribute, make one yourself and compete
Oh really!? Sorry for being an ignorant lol, still getting used to the forum, this is good news i'll try and compete :)
by kiwi
March 11, 2020 15:48:52
Forum: Balance Discussion
Topic: Deidara (S) needs rework?
Replies: 4
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Deidara (S) needs rework?

Bringing Deidara's complaints again since last posts I saw were from 2019. It's a good character, balanced and so, but Art is a bang is completely useless, no one ever kills Deidara first... You see that skill used every 1000 battles using Deidara... The other thing is that it would be nice to see s...
by kiwi
March 11, 2020 15:32:27
Forum: Balance Discussion
Topic: Characters Quests Suggestion
Replies: 16
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Re: Characters Quests Suggestion

Totally agree, i mean people is correct saying that some missions of that type were stupid like old Sai who required 2 in row of Sakura vs Sasori (no one used sasori). BUT, it's quite annoying seeing this lack of creativeness, it makes me play less honestly. So maybe it doesn't has to be exactly lik...
by kiwi
March 9, 2020 2:12:38
Forum: Custom-Made Characters
Topic: SvN Edo Tensei Itachi
Replies: 11
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Re: SvN Edo Tensei Itachi

Why would the first 2 skills increase cd? If one watches the anime you don't see why this abilities would do that. The same for Izanami, why would Izanami would work like that? It is creative and balanced yes but for me it makes no sense that the first 3 skills work like that, is like saying that N...
by kiwi
March 8, 2020 20:05:14
Forum: Custom-Made Characters
Topic: SvN Deidara
Replies: 6
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Re: SvN Deidara

One of the best Deidaras i've seen 9.5/10

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