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by roll1ngsky
November 15, 2019 4:27:45
Forum: Balance Discussion
Topic: Naruto (S)
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Re: Naruto (S)

ya i'm not a fan of his shadow clones being a counter. I remember originally, his shadow clones just made him ignore all skills/effects that turn. If it was reverted to this he would no longer be able to do 75 which is fair imo, and can still dish out 50 with rasenshuriken.
by roll1ngsky
November 15, 2019 4:19:04
Forum: Balance Discussion
Topic: Yondaime Minato
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Re: Yondaime Minato

I don't think he's that broken tbh. ya just by reading his skills they seem pretty overpowered but him in game is a whole other story. He has a unique kit but it's difficult to get him to function well. And I think the rasengan being uncounterable fits yondaime as a character pretty well. There are ...
by roll1ngsky
November 14, 2019 15:19:13
Forum: Balance Discussion
Topic: Shino S
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Re: Shino S

his skills should also be unique and not be able to be reflected by Kakashi's sharingan.....
by roll1ngsky
October 29, 2019 23:26:07
Forum: Game Bugs and Glitches
Topic: rin heal bug
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rin heal bug

rin's heal is supposed to remove all afflictions. I just played a battle against a sasori and his "needle shot, arm trap, 100 puppets" affliction just wouldn't be removed no matter how many times I healed. The "iron strike, iron sand, fire-water" affliction was removed just fine. Don't know if it wa...
by roll1ngsky
October 26, 2019 22:58:33
Forum: Balance Discussion
Topic: Ino(S)
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Re: Ino(S)

ya... i'm not a big fan of her current kit. i would 100% take ino over ino(s) in any situation right now
by roll1ngsky
October 26, 2019 22:56:24
Forum: Balance Discussion
Topic: Balance Update "Suggestions"
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Re: Balance Update "Suggestions"

shino needs his chakra leech reduced back to 1 blood instead of 1 blood and 1 random
rehab gaara needs to be reverted back to how we was in the old version of naruto arena, right now he's too clunky and his moves can be escaped from too easily

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