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by Glokkman
December 13, 2019 11:26:01
Forum: Balance Discussion
Topic: Sakura (S)
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Re: Sakura (S)

some characters you just cant 1v1 normally. Sakura (S) has fewer offensive options to compensate. also in a 1v1 she cant attack and defend/heal at the same time. it becomes a stalemate unless you can outdamage her heals, or she can outlast you in a fight. after all, that IS the point of the seal, to...
by Glokkman
December 8, 2019 13:36:55
Forum: Balance Discussion
Topic: Change Chouji meat tank
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Re: Change Chouji meat tank

Dosu, Kin, Kiba, Naruto (S), Shikamaru and Sasuke all have ways of negating/bypassing that invulnerability, and thats just the starter characters. You know what he does, so have a plan for that. And since the chakra gen system is broken, Kin, Kiba and Sasuke's bypasses are helpful since they cost a ...
by Glokkman
December 8, 2019 4:24:13
Forum: Game Feedback
Topic: Your chakra system needs to go
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Re: Your chakra system needs to go

Glad im not the only one facing this issue. What i have gathered over the last 2 days: For a skill based strategy game there is WAY too much luck involved. it reminds me why i stopped playing before... Some suggestions: 1) Cap on each chakra type until you have capped eac...

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