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by Alexandre
November 10, 2019 18:43:10
Forum: Game Feedback
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Good job Pavera, I will check everything.
by Alexandre
November 10, 2019 13:15:42
Forum: Game Bugs and Glitches
Topic: Tsume Bug
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Re: Tsume Bug

We have been having this problem for a while. It seems that Kakashi(S) ability doesn't count as stun. We will try to resolve this as quickly as possible.
by Alexandre
November 10, 2019 13:11:25
Forum: Balance Discussion
Topic: patreon
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Re: patreon

Once again. We are doing this to keep NA alive, better servers. I know that not everyone can help us but this is a way to compensate players through "donation".
We had to take money out of our pockets before, and we couldn't keep it for long. I hope you understand.
Thanks for the support.
by Alexandre
November 2, 2019 17:08:37
Forum: Game Ideas and Suggestions
Topic: HQ facepics
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Re: HQ facepics

The images are amazing, but with border would look bad.
by Alexandre
November 1, 2019 22:55:05
Forum: Balance Updates
Topic: Balance 0.8
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Balance 0.8 Hyuuga Neji (65%) Matches Played: 18067 (39%) Eight Trigrams Revolving Heaven This skill now cost 1 blood and 1 random, Instead of 1 blood. This skill now has a cooldown of 1, down 1 from 2.
by Alexandre
October 30, 2019 18:15:28
Forum: Balance Discussion
Topic: Balance Update "Suggestions"
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Re: Balance Update "Suggestions"

I am seeing all your suggestions. So I will make a brief summary below: Minato: Actually, it was a mistake to do this with the character, in the next patch we will do something to better balance it or return to what it was before. Deidara: Still in doubt about it but a buff would be nice! And in the...
by Alexandre
October 26, 2019 2:20:45
Forum: Brazil
Topic: tela totalmente vermelha
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Re: tela totalmente vermelha

by Alexandre
October 24, 2019 22:38:55
Forum: Forum and Site Feedback
Topic: Can't play the game
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Re: Can't play the game

by Alexandre
October 23, 2019 23:26:25
Forum: Balance Updates
Topic: Balance 0.7
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Balance 0.7 Hyuuga Neji (S) (74%) Matches Played: 4674 (20%) Pressure Point Strike This ability can only be used if countered by Byakugan - Eight Trigrams Field. Hidan (S) (36%) Matches Played: 12...
by Alexandre
October 20, 2019 1:09:51
Forum: Balance Updates
Topic: Balance 0.6
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Balance 0.6 Uchiha Sasuke 6787 (34%) Matches Played: 19749 (13%) Sharingan This skill now lasts 3 turns, down 1 from 4 This skill now gain 10 points of damange reduction, down 5 from 15 This skill now cost 1 random. Instead of 1 blood. https://naruto-aren...

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