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by Nemek
January 18, 2020 14:31:29
Forum: Custom-Made Characters
Topic: Uzumaki Naruto (S)
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Re: Uzumaki Naruto (S)

by Nemek
October 17, 2019 11:06:45
Forum: Battledome
Topic: Itachi vs Minato
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Re: Itachi vs Minato

TomBrady wrote:
September 30, 2019 20:49:02
Itachi has the totsuka blade, he can seal the Kyuubi.
also the yata mirror who can deflect every single skill...
by Nemek
October 16, 2019 15:56:40
Forum: Forum and Site Feedback
Topic: Paying to up rank.
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Re: Paying to up rank.

bleacheria wrote:
October 16, 2019 14:35:35
nigga this is a sign that it's time to shut the computer down and go outside
hhehehehhhehe good one
by Nemek
October 16, 2019 15:54:20
Forum: Game Bugs and Glitches
Topic: CS Sasuke
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CS Sasuke

Haku s skill *acupuncture* will dezactivate sasuke s *dark void* that is curently aplied on an enemy/
by Nemek
October 14, 2019 6:32:46
Forum: Balance Discussion
Topic: Neji (S) - Byakugan - Eight Trigrams Field
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Re: Neji (S) - Byakugan - Eight Trigrams Field

Melody wrote:
October 11, 2019 4:30:49
Not only that, but I think he should only counter the first skill used on him, not all. Its weird how this one ability counter AoE-based teams by itself. It also just does too much - counter, setup for a very strong ability and anti dr/invulall for one chakra.
agree :arrow:
by Nemek
October 14, 2019 6:25:41
Forum: Game Feedback
Topic: Stun interruption
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Re: Stun interruption

aab2 wrote:
October 14, 2019 5:36:18
go to game manual, check out what "instant, action, control etc" means
nice rekt ))))))
by Nemek
October 8, 2019 18:01:57
Forum: Game Ideas and Suggestions
Topic: variety for missions please!
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Re: variety for missions please!

Can you please use a variety of characters for missions please? It gets very tedious using the same few people for every mission. Especially the 10 to 20 battles. For the new Gaara mission it should be rehab. It seems like you guys want quick match to be mostly Gaara Lee. I'm mostly tired of using ...
by Nemek
October 8, 2019 15:04:21
Forum: Custom-Made Characters
Topic: old characters part 1
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Re: old characters part 1

DietCock wrote:
September 2, 2019 23:10:31
You can check old characters here if you want to.

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