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by Bajora
August 31, 2019 11:28:54
Forum: Game Ideas and Suggestions
Topic: We Need Alternate Mission Requirements
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Re: We Need Alternate Mission Requirements

I do agree that certain missions make no sense especially at this point of the game. First of all like you said, they really should try and make the game more new players friendly. Second, it really makes no sense to do 0/5 in a row for a character that isn't even good AND currently bugged (Misumi c...
by Bajora
August 7, 2019 21:40:20
Forum: Balance Discussion
Topic: Balance Update "Suggestions"
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Re: Nerfs & Buffs you can discussion here

I think the overall starting characters are too strong and they are making the unlockable characters pointless to unlock. I'd recommend nerfing the current META ones until more characters are being added. I also think there shouldn't be any oneshot skill/combo (Gaara, Lee, Kakashi) because that's j...
by Bajora
August 6, 2019 16:03:04
Forum: Game Ideas and Suggestions
Topic: Mission Requirements
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Re: Mission Requirements

Isn't N-A a game that's supposed to be fun to play? Why do we have to force players to have to deal with such bs so early on? We're in beta and yet our third mission is already win 6 games in a row and then the upcoming win 6 in a row with 2 characters at the same time...don't get me wrong, i'm happ...

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