Night Tournament 18/09

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Night Tournament 18/09

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September 18, 2019 0:43:06


1. Matches are 3/5.
2. Do not repeat a character.
3. Do not copy your opponents team including 2/3 of the team.
4. Full stun, Drain/Remove, AoE, Counter/Reflect, Heal, Enemy Affliction Damage is banned.
5. Banned Characters - Gaara, Naruto (S).
6. Tournament date : 18/09/2019.
7. Tournament start time: 22h BRT (Brasília Time) UTC/GMT -3 hours.
8. Limit people: 8 // 16 // 32 .


1. The number of players in the tournament will be limited as required, so there are keys that do not compromise the course of the tournament.
2. Those who are registered for the tournament must attend the voice channel at 21:50 BRT (Brasília Time) UTC/GMT -3 to confirm entry to the tournament.

Organizers: zKyuu, SouSamura.
Results on discord:
Streamers: //
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