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Re: Balance Update "Suggestions"

Posted: October 31, 2019 19:56:06
by FireandBlood
Pavera wrote:
October 31, 2019 19:44:41
Alexandre wrote:
October 30, 2019 18:15:28
I am seeing all your suggestions. So I will make a brief summary below:

Actually, it was a mistake to do this with the character, in the next patch we will do something to better balance it or return to what it was before.

Still in doubt about it but a buff would be nice! And in the future maybe a rework.

The character with the worst stats I've ever seen, probably a rework in the future, split into 3 new characters.
Not only Sasori and Deidara, but the majority of the Akatsuki Shippuden could use a rework, with Hidan on the top right after Sasori, but also Kakuzu and all the paths of Pein deserve a rework or at least some balance changes.
Totally Agree with that. Btw, Human are the only Pain usefull (Preta too, but he is unbalanced).
I still thinking that they should release the new batches reworked.

Re: Balance Update "Suggestions"

Posted: October 31, 2019 20:27:43
by Mkiu
Make Chouji(S) "Expansion Technique" cost two random chakras instead of a bloodline and a random chakra.

Re: Balance Update "Suggestions"

Posted: November 1, 2019 3:09:44
by Lion
Shikamaru (s) Shadow Sewing should replace after being used, as it was in the old NA(i dont remember the skill precisely, 25 damage plus stun i guess). He is way to weak, only one damaging skill and it has CD.

Re: Balance Update "Suggestions"

Posted: November 1, 2019 14:57:33
by QuickSilver
Chouji S was way better after rework, this one is too hard to play with so many stunners if you go first u wont be able to do anything next round

Re: Balance Update "Suggestions"

Posted: November 1, 2019 16:38:00
by TomBrady
So, where do I start?

Neji Anko Tayuya meta.

That's a meta that has overtaken the game since the beginning of the game.

I suggest "Dual Pin" replaces "Dragon Fire" with "Twin Mutual Snakes"
That way, your opponent has a choice of picking either.

Or just revert Neji back to Blood and Random.


If Preta Path is gonna stay how he is right now. I strongly suggest that "Energy Shield" deals 5 more damage after "Chakra Pin" simply because that's his only damaging skill. And it would take a tai, nin, and random just to perform 25 damage while POSSIBLY removing chakra.

Orochimaru (S)
- I feel like he's very underpowered. Maybe stunning non-affliction damage on " Extended Kusanagi" would be a start to help him get on the right path.

Kakashi (S)

Either make his attack stun or make him deal 25 regular damage. YK or Hanabi don't stun or gain the ability to stun simply because its a pseudo stun, and there's only a few characters that carry "destructible defense" so Kakashi (S) will stun.

There are 23 characters that grant destructible defense. But most of those don't grant above 25 DD, so he'll stun 91% of the time.

So as I was saying, him dealing normal damage or make sure it stuns, don't make it situational. Just for the sake of balancing YK and Hanabi in that instance.



C4 deals 10 affliction damage to Deidara, but Deidara deals 5 less damage with Art is a Bang per use. That way he can set himself up for self destruction, while being useful in that instance.


First skill: Stays the same.
2nd prep: Deals 25 damage and the target deals 5 less non-affliction damage.
2nd prep: Deals 20 damage to all and all targets deal 5 less non-affliction damage.

I don't know if its come up. But "Melody Arm Tuning" lasts 3 turns instead of the intended 4.
I don't see him being used much.

Maybe making his prep costless, but he only deals 10 more damage for his Resonating Echo Drill.
Still standard 10 more damage for his Sound Manipulation.



She doesn't grant herself DD when "Protective Eight Trigrams" is performed. She already grants herself too much damage reduction. Add 10DD on top of that and she basically has 25 extra life per turn assuming the opponent isn't carrying piercing based characters.


Juugo needs to be able to target the target of "Killer Impulse"


Gaara Rehabilitated

Quicksand Waterfall Flow:
1 nin 1 ran
Lower the turns to 3.
Decrease DD gained by 5.

Gaara Rehab gets overshadowed by A LOT of characters simply because he's a heavy nin character.


Chouji (S)
"Expansion Technique" - 1 Ran
Gains 25 DD - Mega Palm Thrust only deals 5 more damage
Spiked Meat Tank - Counters next physical skill, same damage.


Izumo and Kotesu

Syrup Snare Field
One Nin - 3 Cooldown -
Protects the team for one turn of all chakra and physical skills.

Re: Balance Update "Suggestions"

Posted: November 2, 2019 4:38:46
by Melody
Small suggestion for Kiba:

Reduce Dynamic Marking Duration to 2 and remove the bonus damage from it. In turn, get the cost back down to 0.
Basically, this just cuts off some extraneous power in order to get him some more appreciable power.

Re: Balance Update "Suggestions"

Posted: November 2, 2019 9:05:42
by aab2
asura path kinda sucks now...his heat seeking rocket needs its old effects - 20 piercing for one random that stacks on himself or an ally, which activates when they die damaging who killed them

Re: Balance Update "Suggestions"

Posted: November 2, 2019 10:58:56
by 129393a
aab2 wrote:
November 2, 2019 9:05:42
asura path kinda sucks now...his heat seeking rocket needs its old effects - 20 piercing for one random that stacks on himself or an ally, which activates when they die damaging who killed them
Nah that would not change that much, he is best off with a rework like many of Akatsuki characters currently in this game.

Minato's nerf was surprising to me, I suggest reverting the CD on his Flying Thunder God cause the character currently just doesn't work well. If he does too good after we can always consider a nerf in a different way.
In general I think it is better boost and bring everyone up, then nerfing in games.

Also in the last major batch Team Asuma Shippuden was released. The thing is that a lot of their skills are in their pre-reworked version (Mainly Chouji S and Shika S). I don't know whether this a active chose of the admins (I am thinking it is), but for their best use I suggest adding their all of their reworked skills back in. It literally makes them better, more interesting characters and its a shame that a character like Chouji S is pretty bad in his current state, while their was a much better verision of the character in the game previously.

Re: Balance Update "Suggestions"

Posted: November 2, 2019 11:45:07
by shardcorex
-No longer receives DD from "Protective eight trigrams ",just allies

-"Mind body switch" stuns one enemy for 3 turns
-"Chakra hair strand trap" For 1 turn,if one enemy uses a new harmfull skill,that enemy will take 15 damage and they will have cooldowns of their skills increased by 1 for 2 turns

-"Sand clone" stays till Gaara receives a non-aff damage.

-"Piercing stab" ignores invulnerability.

Drunken Lee
-"Drunken counter" The first new harmful physical skill used on the target will be countered and and receive 10 damage

-"Haze clone" lasts 2 turns instead 3

-"Summoning : Doki" cooldown increased by 1

-"Dragon fire" costs 1 nin and 1 random

-"Sharingan reflect" will reflect all non-mental skills.

-"Flying thunder god" makes him and one ally inv. to non-affliction skills for 1 turn. No cooldown

-"Tree wave destruction" 10 DD instead 5 with 1 cd or 5dd without CD

Yondaime Minato
-"Partial dead demon consuming seal" -if that enemy`s health is 15 or less,he will instantly kill that enemy-

-During "Demonic mirroring ice crystals" acupuncture has cooldown increased by 1

-"Superior healing" 1 cd while she has "Strength of a hundred seal"

Characters that i think needs rework since an boost/nerf wont do anything to them
-Kazekage Gaara
-Itachi body double

Re: Balance Update "Suggestions"

Posted: November 2, 2019 16:31:58
by QuickSilver
Can you guys fix Utakata and Oro S affliction skills ? they have their damage reduced because of their classes