Characters Quests Suggestion

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Re: Characters Quests Suggestion

Post: # 39069Post kiwi
March 11, 2020 15:32:27

Totally agree, i mean people is correct saying that some missions of that type were stupid like old Sai who required 2 in row of Sakura vs Sasori (no one used sasori). BUT, it's quite annoying seeing this lack of creativeness, it makes me play less honestly. So maybe it doesn't has to be exactly like old days but at least try something for doing missions a bit more fun, i think it would help for bringing new players to the game.

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Re: Characters Quests Suggestion

Post: # 39159Post InvokeNox
March 12, 2020 5:15:37

OrihimeChan wrote:
January 28, 2020 16:08:41
Maybe be more creative, like for Shikaramu S;

Win a battle with Shikamaru when you using "Meditate" on your all opponents.
Win a battle with Shikamaru against Akatsuki member when you use "Shadow-neck bind" on the Akatsuki member.

Actually this idea is good, maybe tweak it a bit not to be used against specific characters, otherwise you bump into the same problem as before while searching for character X.But having characters do combos or a certain way to use their skills is a great idea and it can be fun.

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Re: Characters Quests Suggestion

Post: # 39319Post DelireMan7
March 13, 2020 4:57:30

Win against specific characters was not that good in the old NA. Some character were not played and so mission impossible.

Like others suggested, it be related to their technical. ," Use 30 times Rasengan"

Or stuff like
"Inflict 1000 damage with X" (cumulative)

"Stun characters with X for 20 turns" (cumulative)

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Re: Characters Quests Suggestion

Post: # 39641Post Asuna
March 14, 2020 17:41:48

Well these 50 general wins are not friendly if you're not swapping them.
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Re: Characters Quests Suggestion

Post: # 39647Post Pavera
March 14, 2020 18:04:29

That's true. 30 plain wins already seem too long, I'd rather do 10-15 wins and 4-6 wins in a row.

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Re: Characters Quests Suggestion

Post: # 39814Post GazaGeneral
March 15, 2020 22:10:54

while they weren't any missions to force ppl to use kimimmaro he was such a power house that was used very heavily at all levels. Yes new missions types are very much welcomed. Examples:

Win a match with tsunade at 100hp, seeing how she can heal herself and this can be used for other medical ninjas also, or win 10 battles with a team consisting of only female ninjas from kohona.

Also for character that can easily go invulnerable like the Jounin version of minato, win 10 matches without losing hp

Make challenges depending on the characters skill set or team mates skill set like use saskue's chidori on an enemy that took an attack from naruto's rasengan, or use both neji's and hinta's gentle fist on the same enemy in battle or same turn.
Yes I know there are skills that easily null efforts to complete these but that's apart of the challenge,Like skills that ignores invulnerability to do damage to minato.

This is on the second page I wonder if anyone will se this post, I myself sometimes forget that there are more than one pages of discussions to come topics

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Re: Characters Quests Suggestion

Post: # 44688Post OrihimeChan
April 6, 2020 5:21:41

Lot of Akatsuki members in the game, and they're really good characters (most of them).
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Re: Characters Quests Suggestion

Post: # 46292Post bielzord
April 10, 2020 1:51:15

That's a good point. In my opinion the missions are the best part of the game.

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