Kin not so good.

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Kin not so good.

Post: # 3875Post lotos777
August 24, 2019 18:07:02

1) how about little UP Kankuro,i know character is maybe is ok,but this character have problem witch chakra.
How about change Puppet Penetracion no cost chakra, Or possible make stack this skill more 2 times.
My opinion very interesting stack system.
I like more old Kankuro Budjet. but now this character delete.
Nice AOE afliction 3 turns, + very power first skill -60-65 damge = cost 3 random chakra.

Kin Tsuchi after nerf also not good
becose skill lose too much chakra for small effect.

now skill cost too much chakra....
maybe this skill also give stuuned one turn? / or make return chakra cost.
Nice combo. use Ball give stunned, and next turn you 100% make 40 damage or use other skill and give stunned.

Or maybe back return old system and make -1 random chakra.

Neji, also i dont know why this skill cost now 1 bloodline and 1 random - also too much chakra for this skill

2 random chakra maybe been is better.

i dont remember but Eight Trigram Sixty-Four Palms make 45 damage - 2 years ago ,or been penetracion damage.

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Re: Kin not so good.

Post: # 3916Post AngryRussian
August 24, 2019 21:07:14

Nice Idea!!

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Re: Kin not so good.

Post: # 3923Post Jashka
August 24, 2019 21:20:43

Think his power up skill could be chakra-less

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