some nerfs buffs and SkillClasses

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some nerfs buffs and SkillClasses

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September 16, 2019 18:01:17

I would like to point out some small changes that would make sense in my opinion

The first character i want to point is Mizuki, cause i think the character design is really cool, but he is unfortunately useless in current game.
The changes I would like to propose are : Genjutsu Ambush tactics - same cost, same CD but instead of gaining invulnerability the next turn, activate it intantly (keeping the invisibility ) and reduce the aditional damage for Execution shuriken to 20.
Execution shuriken : There is no need to limit this skill to 2 uses, remove it and reduce the increased damage for 20hp lost to 5, or at least increasse the hp lost to 25.

Neji : make kaiten cost 1 blood again, them make neji invulnerable only to physical and chackra classes, or dealing 15 damage to one enemy and 5 to all others.

Drunken lee : add 20% of damage reduction on druken fist


Haku : acunpuncture really need to be nerfed. Firstly, there's no need to activate the skill on enemy team and in his own team at the same time,or one or the other.
i suggest to add +black in his cost, or remove the ignoring invul effect, or make it a parcial stun(just especific classes)

Sakura (s) : Strength of a hundred seal need to cost at least 1 chackra while active, and can remove only afflictions, not all harmfull skills.
i want to suggest a litlle rework for superior healing : Instead of healing half the lost life, the skill could increase the amount of healing according to the lost life. Like, this skill heal 25 health, and 5 additional heath for every 30 health the target has lost. and probably +1CD will be fine.

And change Temari and zaku skills to chackra , to me makes much more sense than physical

thank you all

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Re: some nerfs buffs and SkillClasses

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September 16, 2019 18:05:35


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