Ask Me Anything Guidelines

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Ask Me Anything Guidelines

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August 14, 2019 18:13:02

Welcome! To get started, you may or may not know that years ago individual topics made for the purpose of asking members questions were allowed. Some time after that, due to the direction the topics were taking, they were no longer allowed. We've realized that the forum has changed and so we're bringing back Ask Me topics! There are just a few things you ought to know:

• Irrelevant posts/questions will be deleted. "y u so gay?"

• While we expect there to be some comedic questions/answers, an entire thread full of them isn't acceptable, as it then becomes a misuse of this section.

• When you make your AmA topic, we'd appreciate it if you took the time to fill out the following form. This will help give members a general idea of who you are. Or give a little one sentence intro of yourself.

AmA F.A.Q.
Real Name (Optional):
Favorite Animal:
Favorite Food:
Favorite Song:
Favorite Quote:

• The Archive: In order to stop redundant questions, and to make understanding members easier, we'd like to include a list, or archive, of completely answered questions in your AmA topics.
This list would be maintained by the I&SA; moderators and wouldn't interfere with the progress of your topic. Of course this is optional, and if this list is something you want added, when you make your topic simply make your topic with two posts. Use the first as sort of an introduction to your AmA topic (and/or for your F.A.Q.), and make the second a reserve. Once a week a moderator will go through your topic and update your archive.

Even if this isn't something you want at first, remember that if you change your mind later we can't go back and make room for the archive post. So it may be better to take the reserve starting out anyway.

If you have no clue what any of this is, PLEASE private message me or another I&SA; moderator and ask us as many questions about this as you want.


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