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Re: Old Player Coming Back

Post: # 42482Post Parkiet
March 30, 2020 7:50:31

Momochi_Zabuza wrote:
March 29, 2020 19:35:12
Parkiet wrote:
March 29, 2020 19:02:23
Momochi_Zabuza wrote:
March 29, 2020 18:51:13

My brother in law can't stop recommending me Jojo! I was planning to start to watch this week. I'm getting very excited and with high expectations!

About One Piece, it's very hard to start right now, unfortunately... but it's one of the bests manga I've ever read
If I had to start one piece I would start manga definitely. Right now it has too much episodes xD

Jojo I like 2012 the best, part 3 (season 2) the least and part 4 similar to 2012. I think part 5 might be one of my fav.
Some of my friends like part 3 the most, it's not bad for me but not as good as 2012.

Give it a try, it's worth watching in my opinion.
I'll defnitely give a try!

Some people say that you should watch in a different order of seasons: which one do you think is the best to a new spectator?
I don't know why someone says it because every person who watched jojo or is fan of it told me I should just watch in normal order xD
Start with 2012: https://myanimelist.net/anime/14719/JoJ ... _Bouken_TV
then part 3 stardust crusaders - it has two season, basically go with ''sequel'' on mal to see what season is next one.
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Re: Old Player Coming Back

Post: # 42628Post akame
March 30, 2020 21:17:25

I think i used to stalk your account to see you streak back when i was 11 lmao. And you a one piece fan hell yea.
Try acr this is the discord

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